Last month, my 5 floral cakes were displayed at Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store as a part of their spring campaign.

I was so grateful to have been given such an amazing opportunity like this.

Thank you very much for everyone who helped me to do this, and also stopped by to see them. I learned so much from this new experience and love to challenge more of this kind of epic projects in the future! 

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The Musical Week























Hi there! 

Thank you for being interested in ALISA SUZUKI CAKES!

Recently  I've been receiving many messages regarding cake orders from Int'l people and I am so happy about the fact that people started to notice me as a cake designer who can make a cake for you in Tokyo! 

So, this week has been sort of like "a musical week" for me because I'm making cakes for very talented Musicians! Yesterday, to start with, I made a cake for a professional guitarist. 

It's a 4" (10cm) cake so it's very tiny, but isn't it awesome to just think about that someone thought about preparing a very special one-of-a-kind cake for you like this?! I heard the news that my client succeeded this whole surprise thing - also received a thank you note from the receiver, the guitarist - and that absolutely made my day. Thank you so much. 

I still get "WHAT!?" all the time but I'm doing whole process all by my self - from the marketing to the meeting, designing, baking, icing, decorating... and the delivery even. So usually I'm working alone - which means MUSIC mean so much to me to keep me entertaining, motivating, or even concentrating at my work. 

Unfortunately I can't sing (just enjoy karaoke) or play the music instruments (I still practice my acoustic guitar but I'm one of those dummies) but I have SO MANY amazingly GIFTED musician friends around me. Even on my day offs, I enjoy going their concerts, and musicals etc. all the time and it's just so amazing to have that chances.. So I just wanted to say that I have this huge respect on those artists, and thank you for doing it :) Performing Arts and Visual Arts are very different but I think the fact we, as an artist, deeply move people's emotion with our original expression - that's absolutely the same concept and I think we are so lucky to be able to do that. 

It's already past midnight... but I keep making another music instrument cake from now! It's a wedding cake, and so much bigger! Stay tuned! :)





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Last Thursday, I was invited to a get-to-know-you party hosted by an amazing web magazine called Nikkan Sugoi Hito. (Direct translation would be close to ...."Daily Awesome People"). Literally this web magazine posts an article of a person with an amazing stories everyday. I was honoured to be interviewed by them last year. This party was the first time for me to actually meet those people who also were interviewed in the past. I have to say... I was truly humbled to just be in that party. I was able to get to know and talk to those amazing people from very different industries and very inspired! I really appreciate for being given this opportunity.  

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Spring is nature's way of saying Let's Party! - Robin Williams





It's getting slowly warmer here in Tokyo. I made a lot of cherry blossom themed cookies as well as the cake this month. 

I love making decorative icing cookies but usually they all taste the same... a sugar cookie with royal icing. 

This time I tried to flavour the icing as well. In this season, I can easily find "sakura" extract or liquor at baking suppliers in Japan! 

(I remember I had hard time finding those flavourings back in America) So when you open the plastic bag, you'll feel a scent of spring! :) 

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Here's My New Blog!  


Alisa Suzuki Cakesの鈴木ありさです。











Hi there! 

I decided to restart my blog both in Japanese and English at this page so please check it out! This year, I'm expecting more international clients here in Tokyo, and also I'd  love to share what's happening with all of my overseas friends and supporters... so I'll try to keep writing in bilingual. (Please excuse my poor English writing skill...)

 As you know, we Japanese LOVE cherry blossoms "SAKURA" in spring season. This was a faux cake and I made it for display purpose. An American camera company just opened a studio in Tokyo and held a opening party. The cake was one of the objects that guests can try to take pictures with this high-tech camera. I hope they enjoyed it! :)  

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<PRESS>3月23日発売のゼクシィ首都圏版 おしゃれウエディングケーキ45の特集に3点号掲載いただいています。

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<Breaking News!!>

12/1香港にて結果発表及び授賞式が行われました。国際コンペティション: 第1回 Edible Artist Global Awards Most Inspiring Sugar Paste Artist部門優勝しました!みなさまの投票と応援いただいたおかげです。ありがとうございました!


<NEWS>第1回 Edible Artists Global Awards Most Inspiring Sugar Paste Artist部門 Finalistに選出されました!


<NEWS>2016年10月3日メンズファッション協会主催 フードクリエイター部門 ベストデビュタント賞2016を受賞いたしました!

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<TV>7月30日テレビ朝日系列 23:06〜Design Code デザインコードに出演いたします。

<PRESS>ANNA SUI MAG. `It`なpresent ~東京女子たちのFavorite items~でご紹介頂きました。


<TV>7月9日15:00〜17:00フジテレビ系列関東地区 「ドラマツアーズ」月9好きな人がいることのコーナーで出演いたします。


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